Beckman Coulter

    DelsaMax Series


    The new DelsaMax™ Series offers incredible speed, precision and reliability, allowing for an unprecedented advancement in your nanoparticle research. Each instrument helps you get more insight out of even the smallest samples, faster than ever.


    DelsaMax PRO

    DelsaMax RPO  

    The DelsaMax PRO light scattering analyzer makes fast and reliable measurements of nanoparticle electrophoretic mobilities. Besides being capable of swiftly measuring mobilities of large particles such as liposomes and virus-like particles (VLPs), the DelsaMax PRO light scattering analyzer is a laser-based instrument that achieves reproducible measurements of traditionally very challenging protein samples including antibody formulations, bovine serum albumin, and lysozyme.

    The QELS function provides simultaneous measurement of the macromolecular hydrodynamic radius utilizing backward scattered light to determine the sample translational diffusion coefficient.

    A reusable flow-through cell is used for mobility and QELS measurements. The flow-through cell can be plumbed in either a flow or batch configuration. However, you need to stop the flow in order to take a mobility measurement. Samples can be introduced by manual injection, an autosampler, syringe pump, or an auto-titrator. The DelsaMax PRO light scattering analyzer also has a temperature control capability and is able to perform automated temperature studies.


    DelsaMax CORE

    DelsaMax CORE  

    The DelsaMax CORE is a combination Dynamic Light Scattering (DLS) and Static Light Scattering (SLS) instrument. The DLS detector operates at 90 degrees to measure the size distribution of the hydrodynamics radius, whereas the independent SLS detector, which also operates at 90 degrees, can measure the molecular weight of small molecules. DelsaMax CORE can be used for a broad range of applications requiring both accuracy and high sensitivity. For example, the DelsaMax CORE is ideally suited for studies of nanoparticles, proteins, vesicles, viruses, and colloids.


    DelsaMax ASSIST

    DelsaMax ASSIST  

    The optional DelsaMax ASSIST cell pressurization system is an accessory that can be used to pressurize the liquid in the cell of the DelsaMax PRO light scattering analyzer.

    The DelsaMax ASSIST accessory is designed to be stackable underneath the DelsaMax PRO light scattering analyzer. It can be plumbed to either the front panel or the top panel door of the analyzer.


    DelsaMax Analysis Software


    DelsaMax Analysis Software is proprietary light scattering instrument control software for nanoparticle research. It is used with the DelsaMax CORE and DelsaMax PRO instruments.

    DelsaMax Analysis Software is focused on streamlining the process of data collection, analysis, and interpretation of the physical characteristics of solutions of particles. When used with the the DelsaMax CORE and DelsaMax PRO, DelsaMax Analysis Software provides a platform for analyzing individual samples over wide ranges of temperatures and laser intensities.