NuGenius is a new generation, low cost, integrated system for DNA and protein analysis and gel documentation. The NuGenius features an integrated 7 inch touch screen and a built-in processor running our new dedicated NuGenius software for image capture and editing.


    A new ground breaking 5 million pixel CCD camera gives exquisite pixel resolution and unrivalled sensitivity in its class. NuGenius uses an f1.2 motor driven zoom lens to enable perfect imaging of any gel or blot size. The maximum viewing area is 20 x 24cm which is very large for such a small, compact unit.


    Internal lighting includes a UV transilluminator option for working with DNA gels. Our new UV-blue light converter screen allows imaging of all Safe dyes. A visible light converter option can quickly extend its use for working with visible gels and blots. Overhead LED white lighting is included as standard for easy sample positioning and focusing.


    NuGenius is compatible with "safe dyes" such as SYBR® Gold, SYBR® Safe, GelGreenTM and many more as well as with visible light applications such as Coomassie blue and silver stain gels.


    Why buy this product?




     Compact darkroom with hinged door

    Small footprint taking up minimal laboratory bench space

     5 million pixel camera

    Exceptional resolution for high quality images

     Motor driven optics

    Ease of control

     Can use a range of lighting

    Versatile - white light, blue light, UV

     UV-visible light converter screen and UV-blue light converter screen

    Easy and safe imaging of DNA and protein gels

     Touch screen

    Full intuitive touch control of all functions

     Image enhancements and annotations

     Total control over image quality

    GeneTools analysis software 

     Saves time by automating analysis of gels, colony plates and blots






    5 million pixel




    1/2.5 inch

     Slim transilluminator 20 x 24cm


     Bit depth

    12/16 bit

     Blue converter screen 21 x 26cm



     0 - 65,536

     Visible light converter


     Dynamic range

     3.6/4.8 (extended)

     White epi



     8 - 48mm f1.2

     7 inch touch screen


     Viewing area

     20 x 24 cm





     Image capture


     H x W x D cms

     75 x 31 x 45

     GeneTools analysis



     20 kg